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Monthly Coloring Contest

Color this month’s page and bring it in to be displayed in the store and you could win a prize!

October 1 | October 2

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You are invited to become a Co-op Explorer!

To become a card-carrying Co+op Explorer, bring a parent or supervising adult to the customer service counter and ask to become a Co+op Explorer. You’ll be issued your very own super official Co+op Explorers membership card, sticker and temporary tattoo.

How it works:

  • Once you are signed up, you can begin the banana selection process! After you’ve Picked out the perfect banana, bring it to the check-out to be processed.
  • You’ll also receive a Co+op Explorers sticker! That’s right, it’s a double bonus! You’ll receive a sticker and a banana with every visit!
  • Now, here is the important part: proudly display the sticker so our friendly staff will know it’s a Co+op Explorer banana.
  • The peel can be thrown away in the compost bin by the deli. If you don’t see it, just ask a staff person.

Scavenger Hunt At The Co-op: Print this list at home or pick one up when you visit and see how many items you can find.

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