Board Candidates – John Finazzo

Each candidate has provided responses to a standard list of questions to help you determine your vote:

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John Finazzo

1. Why are you interested in serving on Harvest Moon’s Board?

My interests in serving on the Harvest Moon Board are about helping to promote and support the Co-Op by becoming very involved in its marketing and community outreach.

2. What qualifications do you have that would be most helpful to the Board?

Believe my most helpful qualifications are my passion for good food and my interest in marketing and helping to promote the co-op throughout the community. A couple of things which are helpful in accomplishing this are being in business for myself most of my adult life and the fact I enjoy talking with and helping to engage others in a very positive way.

3. What excites you about Harvest Moon’s future?

A couple of the things that excite me most about the co-op is one to see the business growing as it has in the past two years and the fact that the debts are being paid down which will allow the co-op to provide more value and selection to all who shop there.



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