Board Candidates – Alvin Berger

Each candidate has provided responses to a standard list of questions to help you determine your vote:

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Alvin Berger

1. Why are you interested in serving on Harvest Moon’s Board?

I have been on the HM Board since April 2017. During that time, I have contributed to HM’s strategic development, provided valuable insights to the GM and other Board members, participated in all meetings, and was very active in finding and hiring of GMs. Now, with a strong GM in place, and with a greater understanding of all things HM, I am excited to contribute to the growth of HM as a continuing Board member. Specifically, I am interested in new product developments, and strategic growth and expansion via creative marketing techniques.

2. What qualifications do you have that would be most helpful to the Board?

I am a nutrition expert with strong industrial, academic, and commercial experience, heading up nutrition programs for small companies and large multinationals. I will continue to leverage this technical experience to help HM achieve its goals. Moreover, I am the founder and CEO of two small nutrition companies and understand what is required for businesses to grow, when working and marketing capital are limited.

3. What excites you about Harvest Moon’s future?

Healthy nutrition and natural/organic foods are no longer for a small, niche population, but desired and sought out by the masses, so the timing is perfect for a natural food store such as HM to prosper. HM has some challenges with its location and competition abounds, but with aggressive marketing, and focus on local and sustainable, high quality foods, it is possible to expand the shopping base at HM beyond Long Lake. HM and its Board will continue to mature the business plan and identify unique points of differentiation from its competitors and other stores selling natural foods. Overall, I see the future of HM as bright and would like to be a part of the above vision.

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