Board of Directors


Harvest Moon Co-op’s Board of Directors is made up of seven elected Member-Owners who serve the co-op for three-year terms. The board meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month, at 5:30 p.m. Meetings are open to any co-op Member-Owner, we request you email in advance of the meetings to indicate your intention to attend. This will allow us to notify you in the event of scheduling changes.

The co-op’s board of directors appreciates hearing from you! They are available to answer questions and provide information about co-op governance.

Policy Governance

Harvest Moon Co-op’s board uses Policy Governance, a detailed

Manager (GM) to progress towards stated goals (Ends) of the co-op while staying within established boundaries. Through reports from the General Manager, external reports, and the board’s internal monitoring, policies and goals are evaluated and updated regularly. The policies and Ends Statement serve as a guide for the General Manager and establish guidelines for the board’s evaluation of the GM’s performance.

Using Policy Governance helps ensure that the board does not involve itself in any areas of co-op operations, while ensuring that the store runs optimally. Through the Ends Statement, the board establishes the vision and goals that co-op management is to pursue and achieve. The GM decides how to achieve these Ends and presents the board with documentation showing that she/he has achieved them. The board then reviews the presented information, determining if the Ends have been met.

and comprehensive method that structures and organizes their work. This type of governance uses policies to guide the General

Current Board of Directors:




Jennifer Weiss: Board president




Michael Otto: Board vice-president





Jay Malmquist: Board secretary





Tim Alexander: Treasurer




Alvin Berger: Board member





Linda Thrasher: Board member





Greg Reynolds: Board member